About me I suppose…

I graduated as a computer scientist in ’11 from Aarhus University, where I received my master’s degree for my thesis on ray tracing dynamic environments. My main area of interest lies with computer graphics, image processing and programming dataparallel hardware, such as the GPUs. Whenever I get the chance I combine the three and implement some of the latest ideas in interactive visualization of global illumination. This passion is what lead me to move my family to Stuttgart to work professionally on rasterization-, whitted ray tracing- and global illumination rendering backend, for which I am researching and improving our current lighting algorithms.

I live in Ishøj, Denmark, with my wife and our son. In what spare time I have left I’m always playing with a new sort of ray tracer or advanced rasterization technique. If not then I’m playing computer games, reading fantasy books, building LEGO or running (usually while wrestling with a new algorithm).

Presence – if you can call it that
Weapons of choice

Dual-wielding Emacs on Unix and Visual Studio on Windows.