ESI Software Germany GmbHMay 2013 – Now
R&D Software Developer, Visualization Team
Working on the graphical backend of the IC.IDO 10 and other ESI products.

  • Implementing a framework for physically plausible materials and integrated it into shaders for all existing renderers. The objective was to enable consistent visualization of materials for differing rendering approaches, such as OpenGL, Whitted raytracing and global illumination backends.
  • Conceptualized, designed and will be implementing a real-time global illumination approximation.
Unity StudiosMay 2011 – Apr. 2013
Lead/Game Programmer
The great thing about games is that there are so many different software development aspects to them; 3D graphics, optimization, network, AI, resource management, user interaction and many more. My work at Unity Studios have been equally diverse; I have been involved with asset processing, both optimizing a model loading system which needed to dynamically load models with over a million vertices and 6MB textures and seamlessly blending between 4 levels of details for said models. Using homemade soft logic I have implemented kinect interaction, which supported simultaneous pointing and clicking, object rotations and button dragging. I also briefly worked with Dynamic Time Warping for gesture recognition. As part of my role as Lead Developer, I designed the basic software architecture for our MobiGlobe projects, handled some of our costumer interaction and was regularly sent on-site for interaction workshops and development.
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Hinnerup NetOct. 2008 – May 2011
Freelance Programmer
My main job was bugfixing or implementing new features on several large websites, most of which used different web- and database-technologies. Never knowing the structure or language of a new project has increased my ability to quickly gain an overview of and debug large projects that I have not myself been part of creating. Being a relatively small company I was also given increased responsibility and interacted directly with some of our clients, discussing solutions, useful technologies and future work for their websites.
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CAVIFeb. 2008 – Oct. 2008
Student Programmer
During my time at CAVI I worked on the Aarhus By Light project, where creatures on a 180 m^2 mediafacade could interact with onlookers via camera tracking. I was involved with all aspects of the application’s implementation; rendering, physics and extending the camera tracking to allow for more complex interactions than simply pushing the creatures.